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"As a math teacher and student in the graduate school, the materials in the website have truly helped me further my knowledge in Mathematics. It also helped me focus on what students in High School should learn in preparation for the University."
Leo, Philippines

"OCW has made a great positive effect on me and my education. It has broadened my knowledge and in future it will continue to play an important part in my career life."
Chen, China


"I've graduated from high school, but I've been accessing the OCW since I was in the first year. In a developing country, it's quite difficult to access good course materials. Thank you very much, OCW has given a lot of advantages in my education process."
Grace, Indonesia

"Thank you for providing this material, its great help in my post grad study of Health Economics. I am trained in Health Science and not from a Economics background, and this is of great benefit. The lecture notes, recitations, assignments, exams and solutions are really excellent."
Russell, Australia

Self Learners

User photo - Benson"As a young professional, I don't have the time to attend part-time formal institution at the moment. But whenever I need to learn about something or simply need to get a book reference, I turn to OCW."
Benson, New Zealand

User photo - Eric"I wanted to learn more about the field of Biology but the hurdle is there is no good library in Nepal and as well as there is dearth of University which teaches this subject in Nepal. With MIT OpenCourseWare I am able to learn about mathematics and computational biology."
Eric, Nepal

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