North America

Regional Statistics

  • More than 11 million visits since 2004
  • 39% of OCW traffic overall
  • Nearly 6,000 feedback emails from North American site visitors

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"I have recommended to many students to look at this site to get an idea about what they want to do in college, and several have come back to me and astonished me with materials they have learned from your ocw. One student had even made cds from the lectures of one of your classes and listens to them on the way home in his walkman."
Joseph, United States

"I teach at a small college for working adults. I benchmark my organizational behavior, and leadership course against the material at OCW. I have used the power point presentations, team assignments, and readings to ensure that my students have a quality course. It is an invaluable resource and it really helps improve my course content."
Shirley, United States


User photo - Michael"I am a high school student in rural Hagerstown, Maryland with little opportunity to learn of subjects outside of mathematics and English. Your website has contributed hundreds of hours to my education in Physics as well as Biology. Discovering and utilizing MIT's OpenCourseWare site was like finding $40,000 sitting on a park bench."
Michael, United States

User photo - Georges"I am enrolled in a computer science program at McGill University in Canada and I am considering the Master's degree in Computer Engineering. The courses you provide on the web, under OCW, will help me a lot in determining if engineering is the right choice for me."
Georges, Canada

Self Learners

"I'm a recent graduate of a mechanical engineering undergraduate program in Canada, now working towards my professional designation, and I'm sure I'll be using this site extensively. For everything from bucking up on basics, learning new mechanical theory, to simply satisfying various curiosities, this site is wonderful."
John, Canada

"I started browsing and was completely astonished by what I have come across. I have studied this material and have given myself an edge in order to get a better paying job at a technology company."
Jason, United States

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