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  • More than 1.3 million visits since 2004
  • 5% of overall OCW traffic
  • Translations underway in Arabic and Farsi

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"It gives one the chance to look at other people's materials and compare what they are doing with one's own work. I have used some of the HRM case study materials and acknowledged MIT as the source. This is an excellent resource and it gives teachers in 'remote' areas a window on the world. This is real open learning in practice."
Robert, United Arab Emirates

User photo - Abdeslam"This is maybe one of the fruits of globalization. It was a dream for many of us to see what is taught at the mighty MIT. It seems that the dream became reality. Thank you."
Abdeslam, Morocco


User photo - Rami"Giving back the knowledge to the people is one of science goals, it serves both as a fuel for scientific progress by gaining the support of the public and by recruiting new and enthusiastic students, but also because knowledgeable (global) citizens can understand and hence have better control over their lives in the modern world."
Rami, Israel

User photo - Ramy"I and many other students in my university-computer engineering department use these courses as dependable tools in their undergraduate studies. The slides, lecture notes and video lectures are very interesting and changed our vision about the world."
Ramy, Jordan

Self Learners

"This is an incredible opportunity to get the feeling that I am still in a university campus! I am a Software Application Architect and I believe that I need to know about a lot of domains if I want to be in my field - right from simple mathematics to quantum mechanics."
Syam, United Arab Emirates

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