Latin America/Caribbean

Regional Statistics

  • More than 1.2 million visits since 2004
  • 4% of OCW traffic overall
  • Translations available in Spanish and Portuguese

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"As a psychologist, I have always been in need in strengthening my understanding of human behavior through a systematic analysis of philosophy of knowledge. This course allows me to develop good foundations which otherwise would not be achievable because of my professional responsibilities and commitments as adult."
Yolanda, Mexico

"I'm a working mom, professional, student and educator with little or no possibility of taking this kind of courses out of my country. I have found really interesting information that will help me in my work and my self learning path."
Vergenie, Argentina


User photo - William"Curiosity is what builds the bridge between a problem and it's solution, guiding people through more efficient ways. MIT OpenCourseWare helps me building new bridges all the time. Thank you for the opportunity."
William, Brazil

User photo - Daniel"OCW has helped me a lot with all my courses, especially on the control systems field. You found a way to present the different courses in an standard and easy to use way, which is very helpful for any student."
Daniel, Chile

Self Learners

"I provide consulting services to small business owners within the community, including Basics of Business Administration and Technology. OCW represents for all of us, Peruvian small entrepreneurs, workers and teachers all together the most valuable source of knowledge available all the world over."
Biasco, Peru

"I want to say thanks for this extraordinary initiative, it's opening a window of knowledge for so many who are limited by economic or other reasons. Its a truly way to spread freedom to humankind."
Mariale, Venezuela

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