South Asia

Regional Statistics

  • More than 2.1 million visits since 2004
  • 7% of OCW traffic overall
  • More than 3,500 feedback e-mails since launch

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"MIT OCW is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my academic life. It's truly remarkable to have the quality of MIT just a click away. I have been a beneficiary of this endeavour not only as a student but also as an educator now. MIT has shown me new horizons of knowledge, and I am sure to millions across the globe."
Sheraz, Pakistan

User photo - Prabhakar"After three years of use in the classroom now I can say it is a window to the world of best learning practices . Personally I myself benefited from the information and it led to significant changes in the way I co-learn with my students."
Prabhakar, India


User photo - Shivani"As an undergraduate student in India and a graduate student in the USA, OCW powered and inspired me in my academic pursuits. I am amazed by this bold step that reaffirms MIT's commitment to the true purpose of knowledge creation and dissemination, impacting millions across the world."
Shivani, India

"I was really confused with all these theories which I learnt at the university (where to find and study them in an order) one hour ago. But now I know the site to visit. It's a great assistance."
Sri Lanka

User photo - Akhilesh"Previously I had a problem in understanding various finer nuances of differential equations. But after using your material on the same my concepts my class was astounded with my conceptual clarity. Now I have made a group of students studying the OCW material together."
Akhilesh, India

Self Learners

"Opening up the doors of knowledge to people is an act that everyone is thankful for. We lack infrastructure for learning. Good schooling is restricted to rich or lucky. Your initiative enables a direct connection between knowledge and learner."
Devendra, India

User photo - Prashanth"I have finished my undergraduate course in Telecommunication Engineering and I am keenly preparing to get into graduate course for which I have to take up an entrance examination. MIT OpenCourseWare has helped me leaps and bounds in my preparation and I wish to thank everyone who has made this possible."
Prashanth, India

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