Sub-Saharan Africa

Regional Statistics

  • More than 370,000 visits since 2004
  • 1% of overall OCW traffic
  • More than 100 local copies of the OCW site at universities throughout the region

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"I have found the material presented here of great help in teaching postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Biology. It has often been refreshing, challenging and a great forerunner in developing material for my classes."
Chiaka, Nigeria

User photo - François"OCW gives us confidence that we're in close contact with the international body of knowledge, and international standards. It assures the students that they are receiving high-quality instruction. What it really means to them is that we are following a course and a methodology which is of the highest caliber."
François, South Africa


User photo - Olumide"As a student in a developing African country OCW is helping me to access knowledge and information I can only dream of getting, it's inspiring me to push harder and enjoy learning with the assurance that I'm getting the best."
Olumide, Nigeria

User photo - Birhanu"This is a pioneering project for the rest of the world. It is unquestionable that these online course materials are of paramount support to anyone, anywhere and particularly for Africa where there is still a significant lack of higher education materials."
Birhanu, Ethiopia

Self Learners

"Currently I am in a state of shock. I cannot believe that one can get access to such information. In fact, I had been to this website a number of times but never understood the scale of the initiative. I cannot thank you enough for opening a window."
Abhimanyu, Lesotho

User photo - Solomon"Education is key to our lives and to personal, social and global development. MIT is giving many people whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to educate themselves a second chance."
Solomon, Ethiopia

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