1 Introduction
Ancient and Modern Knowing
2 Knowledge as Power/Knowledge as Virtue
3 The Idea of a Proof
Logos and Arithmos
4 Logos as Definition- What is "What is?"
5 Logos as Ratio, Magnitude and Multitude, Quality and Quantity First paper due
6 The Greek Conception of Number
7 The Idea of Number: Ancient vs. Modern
Measuring the Unmeasurable
8 Putting the Irrational in Ratio
9 Fitting Ideas to the World
10 Fitting Ideas to the World (cont.) Second paper due
11 The Truth as a Surd
12 The Truth as a Surd (cont.)
The Limits of Mathematics
13 A. Plato, Protagoras Third paper due
14 B. Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
15 Review