6.302 Feedback Systems

Fall 2002

Magnetic levitation demo.
Magnetic levitation demo. (Image courtesy of Kent Lundberg.)

Course Highlights

This course is part of a series of Analog courses, which includes 6.301 (Solid-State Circuits), 6.302, and 6.331 (Advanced Circuit Techniques). The site features a full set of problem sets and laboratory assignments.

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the design of feedback systems. Topics covered include: properties and advantages of feedback systems, time-domain and frequency-domain performance measures, stability and degree of stability, root locus method, Nyquist criterion, frequency-domain design, compensation techniques, application to a wide variety of physical systems, internal and external compensation of operational amplifiers, modelling and compensation of power coverter systems and phase lock loops.

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Dr. Kent Lundberg

Prof. James Roberge

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
1 hour / session

Two sessions / week
1 hour / session