1 Introductory Lecture Prof. James Sherley
Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
Dr. Laura Green
2 Watch film A Civil Action Prof. James Sherley
Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
Dr. Laura Green
3 From the Real World to Hollywood and Back Again Dr. Laura Green
4 Epidemiology: Persons, Places, and Time Prof. James Sherley
5 Epidemiology: Test Development and Relative Risk Prof. James Sherley
6 Biostatistics: Concepts in Variance Prof. James Sherley Problem set 1 Epidemiology out
7 Biostatistics: Distribution and the Mean

Confidence Intervals
Prof. James Sherley Problem set 2 Biostatistics 1 out

Problem set 1 Epidemiology due
8 Biostatistics: Detecting Differences and Correlations Prof. James Sherley
9 Biostatistics: Poisson Analyses and Power Prof. James Sherley Problem set 3 Biostatistics 2 out

Problem set 2 Biostatistics 1 due

Team project topic deadline
10 Environetics: Cause and Effect Prof. James Sherley
11 Environetics: Study Design - Retrospective versus Prospective Prof. James Sherley Problem set 3 Biostatistics 2 due

Team project approvals completed
12 Environetics: Putting it all together - Evaluating Studies Prof. James Sherley Lady Tasting Tea 10-page review due
13 Quiz #1: Epidemiology-Biostatistics Prof. James Sherley
14 Evaluating Environmental Causes of Mesothelioma Prof. James Sherley
15 Quantitative Risk Assessment 1 Dr. Laura Green
16 Quantitative Risk Assessment 2 Dr. Laura Green
17 Toxicology 1 Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
18 Toxicology 2 Prof. Steven Tannenbaum Problem set 4 Toxicology 1 out
19 Toxicology 3 Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
20 Toxicology 4 Prof. Steven Tannenbaum Problem set 5 Toxicology 2 out

Problem set 4 Toxicology 1 due
21 Toxicology 5 Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
22 Quantitative Risk Assessment 3 Dr. Laura Green Problem set 5 Toxicology 2 due
23 Quantitative Risk Assessment 4 Dr. Laura Green
24 Quiz #2: QRA-Toxicology Dr. Laura Green
Prof. Steven Tannenbaum
25 Classroom Presentations of Team Projects 20-page team papers due in class
26 Classroom Presentations of Team Projects (cont.)